Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Am I Here?

Earth (Photo credit: tonynetone)

Doesn't every sentient being ask that at some point? I could talk about all the circumstances that brought me here. I could endlessly dwell on the losses I've faced. Instead, I only answer for this moment, and most of the time I see that I am right where I should be. You'd think that would make me seem cold or distant, but the opposite is true. I'm open to all the pain and joy possible in life. The point is knowing there is something more than chasing those feelings (it seems like some feelings chase you but by simply accepting any and all emotion as perfectly okay you can slow it down).

The whole universe is full of intelligent life, but Earth is unique. Some would call it primitive, but I prefer to call it young.You have some serious growing up to do. It is frustrating to watch so I refuse to simply watch. That is why I'm writing here. I wish I could just hand you some technology that would solve all your problems, but it's not that simple. There is no machine to make you take your greatest ideas and develop them to their full potential. That is up to you. I can only point to some bad ideas (anything involving social or ecological injustice) and let you decide what you want Earth to look like.

Every single being makes a contribution to the whole universe. What is yours? (hint: think moment by moment and define yourself by the most loving and fulfilling thing you could be doing)


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