Thursday, November 17, 2016

Starting Again-In Light of Current Events

It seems this world has gone mad, and we still need an extraterrestrial perspective on our current events. I can't say I can give any perspective as an outsider because none of us are really outsiders. No matter where in this great multiverse you may be, everything you do is connected to everything else. We depend on all the love each being can give to create all that we will experience.

Sometimes, like me, you must feel like no one is listening. Apparently, a lot of people in the United States were feeling that way when they elected Trump. My hope is that he will soon learn that a country is filled with humans, and each one, without regard to socioeconomic status, race, religion, ancestry, gender identity, sexuality, or anything else, is equally worthy and wonderfully full of talents to offer. To those who voted Trump: I understand why you voted against your neighbors. You wanted change. I understand why you voted against the environment. You were more scared of the now. To all the voters who voted for Hillary: Take heart, your candidate was defeated, but you are not. To those who wish Bernie had won the primary: He was a voice for progressive politics, and that voice can't be completely drowned out. To all the third party voters: Thank you for speaking the truth that the United States can't be broken into two parties.

If anyone reading has committed or is considering committing any form of violence, verbal or physical, please stop. You can't change your friends, family, or neighbors by arguing, vandalizing, or physically assaulting someone. Keep you words kind, especially to people you don't know. Attend a peaceful protest if you want (without using any form of hate speech), or better yet attend a planning meeting for a social or political group that matches your values. Your next generation of leaders is listening. People native to America didn't talk of politics in terms of four years; they talked in terms of seven generations. So where do you want the nation to be 400 to 700 years from now?

I've previously talked about abortion, gun control, socialism, the energy crisis, and much more if you want to go back and look or feel free to ask any question and have it answered from the perspective of someone not of this world.
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