Monday, December 24, 2012

Season's Wishes!

English: Christmas Tree recycling bin in Place...
English: Christmas Tree recycling bin in Place des Vosges (Paris, France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've been celebrating with friends. Even they don't know I'm from someplace other than Earth. This isn't my first winter on Earth, but it still feels like it sometimes. I pretend to understand your many traditions. The most baffling is the killing of trees for brief decoration. I can deal with the silly plastic replicas, but I wanted to cry when I saw the pile of $10 cut trees. But this is the season of joy, so I took a large trimmed branch from a friend's tree, red and green mardi gras beads, and a used gold bow to make a "christmas tree" and tied it to the ramp of an elderly person I care about. Is that not what the season is about or am I missing something?

Here's to a happy holiday season (or a nice break for those done celebrating or not celebrating)! I still believe in peace on Earth.
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