Monday, June 11, 2012

Is anybody out there? Maybe God?

Universe (Photo credit: Loulair Harton)

There's a time on every planet where people think that they're alone in the world, and people on Earth are moving beyond that time. Space is so vast it's hard to believe there's nobody out there.
However, you're probably more inclined to believe that I'm a whack job giving bad advice than to actually believe that I'm an alien from another planet. Why is that?

A vocal bunch of people believe humanity is being or will be punished by God. Others believe there is no God. Most people fall somewhere in between. Most people wonder about God. Some people are even wondering if humanity invented God.

How do I know you wonder? Yeah, I watch Morgan FreemanThrough the Wormhole” too. I think people misunderstand what he meant.

So what you all really want is if there's something “out there” beyond yourselves. I've already given you some of that answer, not expecting you to believe someone could come to your planet from somewhere else and walk among you unnoticed. I'll give you a little more of the answer.

If you're looking for a God to punish all perceived wrongdoing, I think you already know it isn't there. What if all those things you want God to punish people for are just aspects of God? Consider that everything might be an expression of God. I like to say it's all part of the landscape, whether I want to see it or not. 
I wish I could answer all your questions and definitively prove the answers, but I can't. Even if I've experienced other planets and other sentient beings I can't know it all. The universe is so vast that there must be more (maybe even other universes). All I can tell you for sure is that anything ever created is a reflection of its creator. So in all of creation, there must be something of our Creator.

You are the total antithesis of alone in the universe because you are a part of absolutely everything. You were once stardust. You were once living elsewhere as something else in the ever changing universe. Now, you have the incredible ability to look at the rest of the universe and reflect on it. You are capable of deciding what plants will grow in your garden (or indoor pot or multi-acre field ...) You can create earthquakes or blast off mountaintops (or build wind turbines and solar panels.) In that sense, you are god. What else could you create? Who do you want God to be?

All the answers are within you.
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