Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Greetings From Planet Erith

Hi, I'm Freiya. I'm from a planet called Erith. It's in another solar system not too far from your Earth, but far enough that you haven't seen it yet. I'm doing this blog because I want to see you protect planet Earth. It seems like an impossible task, but I truly believe that with a little care the Earth can sustain a large population, and everyone on Earth can have food, clean water, and shelter.

First, I should tell you my planet's story. A long time ago, before we learned the ways of other planets, we had the richest soil possible. We could grow anything. There was such an abundance of plants and wildlife that we had more food than we could ever eat with little effort. Then we met people from other planets who promised us things we didn't know we wanted, but we wanted it. We sold a little land to grow some very rare species that go for lots of money on the intergalactic market. Unfortunately, those plants didn't stay in the designated area. Within a few years, our crops were nearly completely decimated. Many species of animals died out because of lack of food.

Now,we are dependent on food aid from other planets. With few resources it is difficult to recover from the planet wide devastation of our food supplies. Many of my people live on spaceships. No planet will take them in. I'm lucky. I'm living on Earth on a science visa. If you saw me, you wouldn't notice me. You'd be surprised how many extraterrestrials could walk around unnoticed.  

Please feel free to comment here or ask any question about planet Earth. If I don't know the answer, I'll do my best to find out. I'm with you and your planet!


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